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Examples of completed development projects

Firmware for level sensors:
For level sensors for tanks and silos used for industrial process measurement, software modules for the firmware of the microcontrollers used have been developed. The measurement of these systems employ a time-of-flight principle (TOF), for which the software has been optimised. A FSK communications protocol was implemented which is used by the sensors to communicate with their control station.


Debugger for RISC processor:
To accelerate the software development process for a DVD video player and to provide for improved debugging and development tools for the RISC processor (MIPS-X) used, a debugging software has been developed and integrated into the existing application. The debugger software communicates with a PC frontend software developed by a partner company and allows for comfortable tests during software development. This includes e.g. source-level debugging, multiple breakpoints, inspection of variables and memory. For the tool the five-stage pipeline of the processor had to be taken into account, as well as the respective code optimizing strategy of the compiler used.


DVD video applikation:
The application board allows to run the DVD video modules of our customer. The application is a DVD video player which can be connected to both, an automotive display as well as a TV set using various audio and video interfaces. These include CVBS, S-Video and RGB for video output and SPDIF, I2S and analogue-audio for audio output. A CVBS-video and analogue-audio input is also included to allow other sources of audio and video, like game consoles, to output to the display and the headphones.
The controlling software has been developed by the customer, the development of the hardware, especially the circuits for video and audio have been developed by Simplify Technologies according to specification.


DVD drives for automotive applications:
The DVD drives are used for car navigation and multi media systems and can reliably play CDs and DVDs even under extreme conditions, e.g. under strong vibration and within a large temperature scale.
During the development process for the electrical hardware special attention has been paid to the requirements of robust, reliable and cost-optimised design, especially with the hash environemental conditions (temperature, vibration, highest EMC compliance requirements) in automobiles in mind.


Flash tools for programming DVD drives during manufacture and development:
For programming of the DVD drives in mass production a speed-optimised solution has been developed in order to reduce the relatively long programming time of the flash memory to a minimum. This allows to only consume a very short period of time during mass production. Additionally, the flash tool is also used during the development process.
This Windows component, at the users choice, can be invoked either with a graphical or a command line frontend. The embedded flash software module for the drives performes flashing the memory at the same time while communicating with the host.
An additional tool allows the combination of different binary files into a "ROM image" and to obtain certain custom specific modifications of the image.


Control unit for swimming pools:
For a control unit for swimming pools we supported the development prosess of our customer, e.g. by hardware reviews and the selection of the hardware components for the display interface.
The control unit uses the Simplify Technologies GUI library. In addition to the functios of the GUI library an application framework has been developed according to customer specifications. This framework allows to define the structure of the application in header files. The menus are then generated dynamically and thus can easily be modified by the customer.