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Hardware development for display applications
and embedded electronics

Our experience in the field of hardware development covers the complete range from system architecture, the selection of components according to optimisation requirements, dimensioning and verification of circuits, pcb layout up to the optimisation of the production process. Included, of course, is the documentation of the results, starting from the circuit diagrams, calculations of parameters and tolerances to hardware and software interfaces as well es testing specifications for production. All these steps are adjusted to our customer's needs and the suppliers involved in the project.

Special knowledge is available in the field of interfacing LCD displays and extend to all functional modules like contrast voltage generation, backlight (CCFL, EL, LED) and interfacing the LCD itself to the various architectures of microcontrollers. We here can take components and solutions from our repository of tested modules and thus deliver the respective custom solutions very quickly and economically.

In the field of automotive electronics we have specialized knowledge about CD and DVD drives. This also comprises multimedia applications, audio and video.

We are custom to the high requirements of the automotive industies in terms of reliability, electromagnetic compliance and cost effectivness. Here it is mandatory to employ detailled knowledge and experience when layouting a circuit as this considerably influences performance and cost. PCB layout is understood to not only connect signals galvanically but to think of the signal path as of a transmission line. Integrity of signals and resistance to electromagnetic radiation get also optimised. Thus production quality of a design is achieved rapidly and with reasonalbe cost.

For wireless transmission and high-frequency technologies we offer system and measurement knowledge as well as in the area of wireless wave propagation.

Our experience with physical sensors allow to find practical solutions for your requirements when interfacing circuits to the real world.