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Software development
for embedded systems, Windows and Linux

For realising complex custom software projects for embedded systems and microcontrollers an experienced team of developers is available. This team, being composed of scientists and engineers, quickly gets aquainted with the project details and the environment your application works in and thus allows for short development durations.

Our offer of software development services covers the complete realisation. If needed, we also provide the hardware necessary.

The solutions are optimised to run on the hardware considered thus economical hardware platforms with limited system capability can be employed. Programming these platforms usually takes place in Ca or in assembly language.

Frequently embedded systems work in conjunction with PCs being used as a front end or for configration purposes. This part of the application can also be assigned to our team. Software for PCs under Windows or Linux is typically developed using C++.

Specialized knowledge and experience is available with user interfaces of embedded systems. This covers the whole range of simple interfaces with only one switch and some LED indicators up to complex graphical user interfaces in color and with touch displays.

The progress of development is closely documented and our customers are provided with early feedback and prototypes of the software which then contain certain parts of the functionallity. After thoroughly testing the project gets released to our customers for verification and acceptance.

To us a project is not just software which runs reliably. It is also essential that the customer obtains well stuctured source code so maintenance of the project can be done reasonably. This is facilitated by using our in-house coding style. Of course, we will gladly use our customer's coding style upon request.

Besides the well commented source code the documentation of the project consists of additional components: A seperate document covers the structure of the software and a HTML based source code reference allows to navigate conveniantly through the software modules.