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Hardware and software development services

Simplify Technologies developers have a long term experience in developing demanding hardware and software solutions for embedded systems. We are glad to offer you our experience with hardware and software development for realizing your projects.

We early strive for a thorough understanding of the project domain. Taking an active part and considering the aspects of your application even beyond the specification is very important for us. By proceeding in a systematic and structured manner we can achieve the following advantages:
  • Open questions are resolved early and mistakes avoided.
  • Changes which may need to be made to the project due to customer's requests can be realized without too much hassle.
  • The project gets realized quickly and on schedule.
  • Comprehensible and understandable documentation allows the customer to easily maintain the project.
Achievements of successful projects of the past (also see project examples for reference), among others are:
  • Early optimization of the project definitions allowed for the production of a better product - experience shows that an application often cannot be defined to 100% at the project start.
  • Improvements of measurement accuracies in the field of sensors could be achieved by using the suitable mathematical algorithms
  • A shorter production time for the devices has been achieved
  • The number of development cylces have ben reduced

As we develop or own display products, we can provide services which benefit from this specialiced knowledge. This means that the wheel does not need to be reinvented for such projects which results in a significant acceleration of your display projects as well as in economical improvements .

Development services for projects with graphical displays:
  • Development and adaption of hardware components, e.g.
    • Selection of components and system architecture
    • Interfacing of touch glasses (resistive or capacitive)
    • Interfacing of LCD displays and LCD controllers
  • Software oriented Services:
    • Development of LCD drivers for your specific hardware
    • Developoment of custom specified graphical funcitons and applications frameworks.
  • We also provide consulting before the project starts or realize a complete solution in hardware and software according to your specifications.
Special services for accelerating your display project:

Due to our experience, in most cases here we can offer fix-priced services, especially at the start of a project, when there is the need to establish the basic functionality of the display and a touch screen:
  • {itemize} \item Bringing the system to basic functionality up to the point where application programming can be started can be achieved with our GUI library within a day, provided that the LCD controller used is supported, the hardware itself is functional and a suitable C compiler is available.
  • Bug-hunting for hardware (e. g. if artefacts are visible on the display) and software in the context of display control or for the development tools used are offered on a time-basis.
  • Additonal Services can also be provided, e. g. for an arbitrary LCD controller without GUI library support the system can also be brought to a state of basic display functionality.
Further Information:
Information for display and embedded development services (PDF, 167 kB)