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Products for LCD displays in industrial embedded applications

Simplify Technologies offers products and services in the field of industrial applications of graphical displays. The optimal solution here strongly depends on the project properties like the environmental conditions or the number or units to be produced. Therefore, we offer different approaches which you can use to provide your system with an attractive graphical user interface:

LCM user interface modules:
The LCM user interface modules can be accessed via interface from your system. Matching to your application, a variety of sizes and versions are available:
  • LCM modules of the "Industrial Line": Here emphasis is given to properties which are important for industrial applications, e. g. the long term availability of the display chosen.
  • LCM modules of the "Economy Line" have been developed with there usability for price-sensitive applications in mind.
A starter and developer kit supports the development process, beginning with the first steps until the completion of the application.

GUI Bibliothek in ANSI-C
GUI library:
This graphics library offers comprehensive graphical and touch functions for systems which are direktly developed by our customers. The library comes as source code in ANSI-C. Our LCM modules already contain all functions, thus for using the complete modules the library is not necessary. There is no runtime royalties for the use of the GUI library.

We are glad to adapt our solutions for custom specific needs and offer development services for your projects.

Compatibility between LCM user interface modules and the GUI library:
Our solutions feature are to a large extend compatible in respect of the functions. This gives our customer the flexibility to switch to another solution as their requirements change. The most important properties which are common to all approaces are:
  • Input functionallity can be realised using touch, key matrix or encoders,
  • Numerous graphical elements, arbitrary fonts and images,
  • Comprehensive touch functions, buttons, keyboards, slider, etc. (when a touch screen is used),
  • acoustical signals for user feedback,
  • Optional application specific add-on modules, e. g. a framework for measurement devices and data loggers,
  • Qualified support service with direct contact to the developers.
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