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Starter and developer kit for LCM modules

The starter- and development kit for the LCM display panels help to start developing display applications. In addition, everything is included to not only start developing but also to complete a development project.

The starterkits include:
  • A folder with the Starterkit manual and the GUI-Interpreter manual
  • A CD-ROM with the following content
    • Source code in ANSI-C as a starting point for your development work,
    • The "LCM-Toolbox" software for windows,
    • The documentation in PDF format
  • An adapter PCB for a LCM module with reset button, on/off switch and interfaces for power supply and communication,
  • cable for connecting the LCM module to the hardware of your product.

Working with the starterkit and the LCM-Toolbox software:

The LCM module is connected to a PC using the adapter PCB. The included software "LCM-Toolbox" then works as a "Master", the GUI-Interpeter software of the LCM as a "Slave" in the master-slave communications scheme used. The included demonstration can then directly be started.

This demonstration is available in source code and can be modified, allowing you to create your own display application. Thus, application development can be started even if the hardware selected for the application in not yet available.

The LCM-Toolbox software of the starterkit allows to perform the following functions:
  • Loading and executing developed applications,
  • Storing binary objects (like pictures) into the flash memory of the LCM module,
  • Selecting startup behaviour of the module (start prompt, start picture),
  • Adding images and binary objects for your application,
  • Easy generation of a slide show for demo purposes,
  • Update of the LCM firmware.

The starterkits are offered bundled with an LCM series module and to commercial customers only. They come for the price of the respective display module itself plus 99,00 Euro.

Further information:
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