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Graphical LCD and Touch user interfaces

Using graphical LCD displays - conveniantly and from arbitrary hardware

The user interface modules are an optimized design for featuring an ergonomic user interface for existing devices or those to be developed. They can be interfaced from arbitrary devices using a serial interface. Even low-powered 8-bit microcontroller will be able to do this job nicely. The serial communication follows a master-slave scheme: The device of our customer controls the base application and communicates as a master with the LCM module. The module then executes the graphical instructions sent by the master.

Views of the LCM3 module "Industrial Line":
To turn the module, please use the mouse while pressing the mouse button.
Interaction with the module can be achieved appropriately to the conditions and the environment of the application: Frequently, an integrated touch glass is the solution of choice, because this allows the user to interact very intuitivly and flexibly with the application. If a touch glass cannot be used (e. g. in a dirty environment) interfacing an encoder or a key matrix is an option.

Touch can be realised either as resistive touch glass or as capacitive touch with glass surface.

Advantages of capacitive touch glasses compared with resistive touch:
  • Enhanced touch and feel for the user, more appealing product design and system integration.
  • Can be combined with stable front glass for improved mechanical stability, can be combined well with sunlight-readable displays for outdoor applications.
  • Easier and more hygienic cleaning - especially for medical and food processing applications.
  • Enhanced resistance against chemicals.

For your project requirements we offer the modules of our new LCM3 series. They are the successors of our LCM2 modules which are continued to being manufactured for existing projects. Select from:
  • LCM modules of the "Industrial Line": For these modules properties important for industrial applications have been especially considered, e. g. a long-term availability of the displays chosen, large viewing angle, high contrast and the flexibility to use different power supply voltages.

    Sun light readability:
    For applications in a sunlight environment "Industrial Line" LCM3 modules can be featured with a sunlight-readable display.

  • LCM modules of the "Economy Line" are designed for the use in price sensitive projects.

Properties of LCM3 modules:
  • Color TFT displays with resolutions from QVGA (320x24) to SVGA (800x600).
  • Diagonal of active display area: 8,89 cm (3,5 inch) to 20,3 cm (8,0 inch).
  • Physical dimensions from 77 mm x 64 mm to 141 mm x 183 mm.
  • Landscape or Portrait mode.
  • Adjustable backlight with temperature compensation.
  • Comprehensive software functions for the design of an attractiv graphical user interface (GUI Interpreter).
  • Software functions are compatibel between LCM3 and LCM2.
  • Flash memory for storing images and fonts.
  • EEPROM for configuration and application data.
  • Serial interface; other interface options.
  • Piezo buzzer for signals and supporting touch input.
  • Typical supply voltage range between 5 and 12 V.
  • Good compatibility to the functions of the GUI library.
  • Interface for optical or mechanical encoder ("Jog-Dial").
  • Optional extension connector, e.g. for interfacing a key matrix.
  • EMC optimized design.
  • Comprehensive support services.
Starterkits: Easy development and supportt

For the LCM modules starterkits are available. These help to start developing quickly and also allow to do the complete application development.

Long term availability of the LCM modules

In our LCM modules of the "Industrial Line" we employ LCD displays, which are used primarily in the industrial sector. These displays thus do not suffer from the the typical short-term product cycle of consumer products and are available for a longer period. This helps to have the option of obtaining the modules (including "last buy" options) for some 5 years or longer.
Generally and also for users of the "Economy Line" modules the following applies: Even after a certain display has been discontinued our modules can be delivered with a suitable replacement display without the need for our customer to change his application program. This is because the software protocol at the serial interface can be maintained unchanged, even if the hardware needs to be changed. As all LCM modules use the same software protocol, this, in addition to providing more secure planning for the future of your product, also gives the flexibility to easily change between the LCM modules available as needed.

Custom specific LCM modules

The LCM display terminals are based on a hardware and software platform. If your project needs to have the modules modified, e. g. another display or another communications interface, we will be glad to offer a solution optimized for your purposes. This can typically be done for projects with an annual demand of about 100 units. Please let us know what your requirements are. Examples for these customisations are:
  • Optional use of alternative LCD panels with special properties

  • Different communication interface compared to the standard modul, e. g. RS-232, RS-422, SPI, I2C, UART logic level

  • Customised parts for mounting, e. g. an additional steel sheet with mounting holes

  • Variants adapted to special assembly requirements


We offer qualified support directly from the manufacturer, which does not leave you alone after aquiring our LCD modules. A detailled documentation, programming examples, and support via email and phone is available to help you realise your application rapidly.

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