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Display applications in embedded systems

A large variety of applications can be realized using the GUI library and the LCD display modules. Here, you find a selection of a few customer projects which have been realized using the GUI library or our LCD modules:

Heidelberg Retina Angiograph for the diagnosis of retina diseases:
This application utilizes a LCD modul which is equipped with a TFT display and touch glass. During the examination of the patient the high-performance TFT display allows the eye specialist to monitor the display even under large viewing angles and also to operate the system intuitively with the touch screen.
A "Jog-Dial" which is connected to the input for optical encoders allows to adjust selected parameters with the semi-analog feel of a radio dial.
If the application needs to be modified a software update can be easily performed. An update can be done "in the field" by a service technican or the user himself. A modification of the hardware is not necessary.


Length measurement instrument PROTRON:
This programmable measurement instrument has been equipped with a TFT display with touch glass. Its housing can be placed on the table as well as be mounted on a wall "upside-down". Then housing and display are rotated. This is detected by a gravitation sensor and the content of the touch display is then automatically rotated by a software instruction to always allow for conveniantly reading the display and operating the device.


Gamma Locator DXI:
This measurement instrument is used for the localisation of tumors using PET nuclides and low-energy radio nuclides in nuclear medicine. A LCD module with TFT touch display provides a brilliant and easy to read colored representation of the measuremets. The display can easily be read even from large viewing angles, thus allowing to position the control device to a convenient location. The control of the GUI interpreter implemented into the LCM module is done using a relatively small microcontroller. The performance of this microcontroller does by far exceed what is needed to control and interface the display module


INSPECT+: Measurement and testing instrument for torque and screw mounting:
For mobile quality assurance of screw joints this device is equipped with a LCM module. The monochrome display of the LCM module is lighted by white LEDs. This minimises the energy consumption of the display which is below 2 Watt inluding the display backlight. The accumulator powered instrument thus can be operated with one accumulator during a whole work shift without changing or reloading the accumulator.


Measuring instruments PCU 500, PCU 1000, PCU 2000 und PCU 3000:
The GUI library is used as a universal software platform for the graphical user interface (GUI) of various measuring instruments. These have been equipped with monochrome or color LCD displays, depending on the application:
  • PCU 500: Low cost force / distance measurement system for force and join check
  • PCU 1000: force / distance measurement system for easy monitoring of join procedures
  • PCU 2000: System for controlling and monitoring of of join procedures
  • PCU 3000: Complete system for controlling the quality of various kind of switches; equipped with a servo-controlled linear drive

Circulator Tango Nuevo:
Unistat Tango Nuevo is a hydraulically sealed circulator with an atmospherical open expansion vessel for external closed reactors. This instrument can be operated using a TFT display (in portrait mode) with touch glass and using an encoder or a foil keyboard. The development of the comfortable user interface for the touch display has been done using the GUI library.


Nurse communication system NCS:
Universal communication system for groups, wards and departments.
This application uses a monochrome display which has been programmed using the functions of the GUI library to show pending calls and alerts in a configurable and context sensitive way. Additional functions are available in the context of a larger communications environtment.


TicketLink2 - Public Transport Ticketing Unit:
The TicketLink2 is a highly flexible ticketing machine for public transport applications. It features a 5.7" touchscreen that changes according to the current task - programmed using the functions of the GUI library. A transaction log is stored in memory and, once downloaded to a PC with supplied software, allows extensive analysis of ticket sales. Options include Fleet Management functions, short range radio downloading and GPS track recording.


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