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The GUI library - source code
for graphical lcd and touch displays

Screens with function examples of the GUI library

Programming graphical displays made easy with the GUI library

The Simplify Technologies GUI library allows programming graphical user interfaces for embedded systems with ease. The library directly controls the display and saves a considerable amount of developing effort and cost. The comprehensive and easy to learn functions allow realising the software application comfortably.

The GUI library contains numerous functions which come as documented and complete sourcecode in ANSI-C. The display application can be realized directly with these functions. The GUI library can be used for your products according to our source code license. After the purchase there is no additional cost e.g. for further projects or accorting to project size.

After aquiring the GUI library, of course, we do not leave you alone, but offer comprehensive support. Complete documentation is provided with the programmers manual and tutorial, as well as source code examples of application code. In addition there is our competent support team ready to help you by email or telephone. If the need arises, we also offer support related to questions about hardware, selection of suitable displays and other issues with your display project.

The main features of the library are:
  • The library comes in ANSI-C and therefore can be used with a large variety of development tools and hardware configurations.
  • Comprehensive set of graphic functions e.g.
    • Graphical elements (lines, circles, retangles, pictures etc.)
    • Text in various fonts and different attributes
    • Graphical cursor with customisble shape
    • etc.
  • Comprehensive set for accessing touch screens easily
    • Configurable buttons with different switching behaviour
    • Touch keyboards with user defined keys
    • Drop-down menus and menu bars
    • Sliders for adjusting parameters
    • etc.
  • Driver software:
    • Drivers for various controllers (LPC2478, S1D13706, S1D13705, S1D13704, S1D13700, S1D13305 und T6963).
    • Drivers for inkjet printers (PCL-3, ESCP/2) as an additional option
    • Drivers for other hardware components can be realized upon request
  • Additional functions with application frameworks, e. g. for measurement applications and data presentation
  • Comprehensive documentation in English or German with programmers manual and tutorial
  • 6 month support via email and telephone included
  • Sourcecode license (no runtime royalties)
  • Updates / Upgrades
If you want to use another LCD controller, as a Design Partner für Epson LCD controllers we will be glad to develop a specific solution for you.

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